Indyo Organics Cottage Sugar (Desi Khand)
Indyo Organics Cottage Sugar (Desi Khand)

Indyo Organics Cottage Sugar (Desi Khand)

Indyo Organics

Nutrition Value: The white sugar that we consume on a daily basis in Indian Food is no nutrition but only empty Calories. Desi Khand which is prepared naturally in an unprocessed manner is rich in Phosphorous, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium.
Urge to Consume More: Refined sugar is devoid of any good properties and urges the human body to intake more quantity than it requires, thereby generating diseases and health issues like obesity and diabetes.
Flavor: Not all the molasses are removed during the processing of raw sugar. Hence, these varieties tend to have a richer flavor than white table sugar creating a very unique taste.
Harmful chemicals and pesticides: White sugar is obtained after going through many processes like bleaching and adding harmful chemicals to it during processing and refining which in result etc. that takes away any trace minerals. Desi Khand is entirely organic and unrefined and has no devastating effects on the body in the long term.
Aging and wrinkles: Due to the unprocessed nature of Desi Khand, it is rid of the chemically sticking properties and doesn’t attack the fiber that is responsible for keeping skin tight.

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