Ooj Jatamansi Soap
Ooj Jatamansi Soap Ooj Jatamansi Soap

Ooj Jatamansi Soap

125gm Kg

Element which opens pores of skin gives feeling of wellbeingness , gives freshness ,induces mood . Jatamansi is used externally as well . Jatamansi Oil gives soothing effect against burning sensation , inflammation , and pain . Jatamansi is used to treat skin conditions .It helps regenerate skin cells & also acts as an antiseptic .The Jatamansi oil is applied on the affected areas in skin problems , rashes , eczema , and allergies and in skin infections caused by streptococcus bacteria known as erysipelas . It helps in improving the complexion and skin texture .Tranquillizing properties and pleasing fragrance of Jatamansi can be used as a deodorant . Jatamansi oil and innovative perfume of Ratrani gives feeling of wellbeingness , freshness and calming effect on skin and mind

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