Ooj Neem Soap
Ooj Neem Soap Ooj Neem Soap

Ooj Neem Soap

125gm Kg

Element which reduces excessive secretions on skin . Vayu Soap with neem extract & refreshing lemon perfume . Acne is a result of overactive sebaceous glands and the clogging of pores due to dirts and bacteria . Neem keeps oil secretion in control but also fights any infection thereby clearing acne and preventing new ones . Neem has antibacterial , antifungal and antiviral properties . Neem is rich chemical constitution of flavonoids , triterpenoids and their glycosides are responsible for antiviral property . Use of Oj Vayu Soap (enriched with Neem extracts ) . into your regular routine of washing hands and body will wipe out viruses and bacteria , but without the side effects of strong chemicals.

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